Cheap home loan insurance for fireworks

The subscription of a loan insurance when one is artificer

The subscription of a loan insurance when one is artificer

In the civil, the artificer is a professional who is either in charge of preparing and firing fireworks, or responsible for triggering avalanches for preventive purposes. In the military field, the artificer is the person who distributes ammunition to units.

Dangerous job: artificer

The artificer business is considered a profession at risk, our brokerage firm Dr. K offers the cheapest solution for the insurance of your home loan because we have negotiated with the insurance companies a loan rate without markup for your dangerous artificer job.

Calculate loan insurance to ensure an artificer real estate loan

Your loan insurance with a broker! Do not hesitate to find your insurance in advance with the help of insurance broker-loan-not-expensive so you do not waste time when you take out your mortgage.

Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance aims to guarantee a loan for its entire duration. Collective or individual, the loan insurance allows the reimbursement of the loan by the insurer in case of disaster covered by the insurance contract. Since the existence of the Cogilaw Company, borrowers have the option of taking out insurance with the insurance company of their choice. This allows them to compete with insurers to find the contract that will be the cheapest and most advantageous in terms of guarantees.

The group contract of the bank and the profession of artificer

For insurers, the profession of artificer falls into the category of “risky” trades. The group contract of the bank is not suitable for a borrower who practices this business because it is a standard collective formula covering identical borrowers without taking into account their individual situation. It is therefore much more interesting to turn to insurance delegation in order to benefit from a tailor-made individual insurance that responds effectively to your needs.

Artificer : defined a specialist in charge of the preparation of a fireworks
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  • pyrotechnist